Jung Kim's Elite Demo Team

elite demo team

Team members, Master Kim work very hard regardless of whether the audience numbers 100 or 9,000. The team always seem to perform beautifully no matter what the circumstances.

Becoming a member of the Demo Team is an honor and privilege. It is an experience that any student will remember for a lifetime. Team members are between the ages of 8 and 16 and have excellent grades in school.

If you are interested in having the Elite Demo Team perform for your function, please contact Master Kim at the North-side location.

Schedule 2017-2018

1/6/2018, Sat. Whitworth Men's Basketball 6:00pm vs. Pacific (Ore.)

1/27/2018, Sat. Gonzaga Men's Basketball 7:00pm vs. San Francisco

2/4/2018, Sun. WSU Men's Basketball 1:00pm vs. Arizona State

2/16/2018, Fri. Whitworth Women's Basketball 6:00pm vs. Linfield

2/24/2018, Sat. EWU Women's Basketball 2:05pm vs. Idaho State

3/3/2018, Sat EWU Men's Basketball 2:05pm vs. Northern Arizona

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